Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful every day for my two beautiful children. My wife and I conceived them through in vitro fertilization at a fertility clinic.

We have three embryos left over from our two cycles.
Maybe our gift of embryos can help another couple become parents. Not just any couple, though. We would like to find a Jewish lesbian couple who wants kids.

Why Jewish lesbians? Our family is Jewish and we're lesbians but we're not looking for people like us because we're egotists. We want a lesbian couple because lesbians face so much discrimination in adoption. We want a Jewish couple because they will pass on the heritage my genetic children share, one that was almost wiped out many times over the millenia.

Infertile Jewish lesbian couples who want to become pregnant through embryo donation exist but there are not exactly millions of them. I'm writing this blog to find the perfect couple. When I do, I hope I can help them become parents.