Friday, November 24, 2006

MIRACLES WAITING (click here to see their site)

One obstacle to our finding a Jewish lesbian couple for our embryos is that we're unwilling to support embryo donation sites run by evangelical Christians. Unfortunately that's pretty much every embryo donation site. But in our experience, not a lot of lesbians feel comfortable using organizations which are actively trying to destroy us. We certainly don't.

True Christians, of course, concern themselves more with living the example of their best pal, Jesus. Who, of course, was a Jew, a rabbi and friends with lots of folks frowned upon by mainstream society. Jesus would have probably felt right at home with Jewish lesbians. The more ignorant and hatefilled among his modern followers instead dedicate themselves to passing laws which endanger the children of gay couples and cause cruel harm to our families.

So the only organization through which we will donate our embryos is one with no ties to a religious sect. MiraclesWaiting is the only site we know of that fits the bill. Our embryo donation ad can be accessed through the link on the top right. Use it to get to the general MiraclesWaiting site to learn more about their organization.

Please note: I have no connection to MiraclesWaiting other than having an ad posted on the site. And if I sound angry about the way "Christian" activists are trying to knock down our Constitutional wall between church and state, it's because I am. If I wanted to live under religious law I would move to Iran. America, by contrast, is a country founded on freedom of belief for everyone, not just the members of one small sect.