Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Preparing to transfer the embryos I had donated to her meant Erin was taking hormones. The purpose of the medication was to stop her natural cycle and prepare her womb to nurture the embryo.

There are many instances where assisted fertility requires patients to take medications to prepare for a cycle. That cycle may or may not end up happening. Before giving Erin the go-ahead for her cycle the clinic needed to make sure her body was responding the right way.

Each ultrasound and blood test panel Erin completed indicated that things were progressing just as they should. Jenny and Erin began making concrete plans for their trip to our clinic for the transfer.

One more hurdle remained. The final ultrasound would determine if the cycle was a "go". Jenny and Erin thoughtfully kept us posted and we waited to find out if they would be heading North to follow their dreams.