Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Picking Recipients

We had some reservations about the first recipients to request our excess embryos but they met our basic criteria. Like us they were a long-term Jewish lesbian couple.

They refused to use our. Fertility clinic. Instead, they insisted we ship the embryo we proposed releasing to them. And they wanted it shipped to their doctor, the only doctor in their area who would even see lesbian couples. He is allowed to use the facilities at a fertility clinic so hypocritically "Christian" it won't treat single women, let alone gay couples.

These women did not seem to have great judgement and their hardball negotiation style was a drag but they had agreed to take only one embryo to start with so we decided to give them a shot. If they were meant to have a kid from our embryos it would work with one. If not, we could give them more embryos if our reservatoons prooved groundless.

We called to tell them the good news. They were happy to hear it since they had already told their 4-year old daughter we were going to help them give her a sibling.

What an awful thing to do to a child. And how manipulative to tell us. We looked at each other and my wife shook her head "no" but it was too late. We had already agreed and would not go back on our word.

"What are the next steps?" the recipients wanted to know.

"We have our lawyer draft a contract to release the embryo to you. She charges $1000."

"But you have 3 embryos."

"Yes, but as we wrote to you we will start by giving you one"

The recipients claimed not to have known this even though I had their email agreeing to it. But they again agreed to take only one when it became clear I would not back down. We ended the call with an agreement that I would have the lawyer contact them.

I could not believe what they did next...

Stay tuned for more when I return from vacation. Have a happy!

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