Sunday, December 31, 2006


Most embryo donation agencies are run by religious groups which are trying to outlaw abortion. I disagree with their agenda. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that at least one of them encourages open embryo donation (though they call it adoption).

On the whole I think these organizations are bigoted, misguided and ultimately destructive. Part of their political agenda is to harm and oppress gay families like mine. If they could put a stop to all IVF they would do so. It utterly disgusts me that my tax dollars are used to fund religious fanatics like these (the Bush administration just gave them an additional million dollars to promote their cause). However, it is fair to give praise where it is due. Any group that tells families that honesty is the best policy is right to do so.

Another positive aspect of their (many, incredibly restrictive) rules is that they insist that no more than three embryos be transfered at once. This is because, being anti-abortion, they make recipients agree not to use selective reduction to ensure a safe pregnancy. They also warn families that multiples are dangerous for mother and baby. Frankly, having recipients limit embryos tansfered to two per cycle isn't a bad idea, as long as you're limiting things.

Still, it is difficult to read the literature put out by these groups. They refer to a two-celled pre-embryo as a "child" to be "adopted" even as they admit that only one in three thawed embryos typically becomes a child.

No one is completely good or completely bad. I thank them for promoting honesty and healthy pregnancies, though I abhor them for all the cruelty they show to gay families.