Tuesday, March 20, 2007


According to the progressive state of Texas I engaged in "human embryo trafficking" by donating my embryos to a couple who want to become parents. Texas to the rescue, guns a-blazin', to outlaw the huge international problem of embryo trafficking. Puh-leeze.

If HB 1703 passes in the Texas legislature, no one will be able to donate embryos unless they go through a proceeding to terminate their "parental" rights. No one will be able to transfer a frozen embryo unless they clear a full adoption process, including home study, etc and are approved by a judge. All this for a chance to become pregnant, not for a child.

Anyone who doubts the true agenda of embryo "adoption" groups should take a look at the text of this bill (unedited text appears below, except for all the boring stuff about how you can only "adopt" a human embryo. I guess if you want a puppy you still need to go to the pound).

A glance at this bill shows that its sponsors want to outlaw abortion. The first step is to legally define two-celled fertilized eggs as children and make their intended parents jump through $50,000 worth of hoops (adoption costs, legal costs plus embryo transfer cycle), possibly for nothing.

The reason TX wants embryos to be "adopted" is they want to outlaw all abortion. Defining an embryo as a child is the first step.

An embryo created in the womb (traditional way) or outside of it (alternative way) has a only a 25% chance of turning into a baby. So embryo "adoption" is a crock.

Here is the Texas law:

"Sec. 162.701. ADOPTION OF EMBRYO.

(a) A court order authorizing the adoption of a human embryo is required for the transfer of a human embryo to another person for implantation in any person who is not the genetic parent of the embryo or the spouse of a genetic parent.

(b) The court may grant the petition of a person residing in this state to adopt an embryo according to this subchapter.
Sec. 162.702. JURISDICTION; REQUIREMENTS OF PETITION. (a) The petitioner shall file a suit to adopt an embryo in a court in the county of the petitioner's residence.

(b) A petition to adopt an embryo shall be entitled "In the Interest of the Embryo of __________."

(c) If the petitioner is married, both spouses must join in the petition for adoption."

Not only is the embryo defined as a child who needs to be "adopted", the embryo is defined exactly as a child. The embryo's "best interests" must be considered by the court, so a bigoted judge can arbitrarily deny "custody" of the egg to the intended parents if they are gay, older than average, a different ethnicity than the people who created the embryo, fat, low income, have poor fashion sense, or for any reason the judge deems "in the best interests" of the egg:


(a) A court may not grant an adoption of an embryo unless both the man and the woman who contracted for the creation of the embryo have relinquished their parental rights or consented in writing to the adoption by the petitioner and waived any interest in the human embryo.

(b) Compensation may not be paid or received to relinquish or waive a person's parental rights with regard to an embryo except for reimbursement for reasonable fees incurred to preserve or transport the embryo.

Sec. 162.704. ADOPTION ORDER. The court may grant the adoption if the court finds that the requirements for adoption of an embryo are met and the court finds that the adoption is in the best interest of the embryo."

If you think a fertilized egg is a child, do nothing. If you want to preserve your right to access infertility treatment or believe in a woman's right to decide what to do with her own body, I recommend you join infertility advocacy group the American Fertility Association at theAFA.org. And boycott Texas.