Thursday, January 18, 2007


Since I still was not sure whether or not to move forward with these great but non-Jewish embryo recipients, I had asked what questions they had of me. Here's what was on their minds.

"We first want to say that we completely understand the privacy issue. I suppose there are some questions that we would like to ask. Of course if we are chosen to receive the embryos, we would ask for more personal information so that we could share with the children.

About you: What do you like to do in your free time? Could you describe your personality? Do you have any chronic health issues? What is your family like?

About the process: Is this a decision that you and your partner are making together or primarily you? Are there other couples that you are considering at the current time?

What type of involvement would you like in the children's lives? About Judaism: Are you and your partner both Jewish? do you attend a services together? how do you incorporate your children's Jewish heritage into their lives?

Would you be willing to be a support for us to help our children understand their heritage?

In general: what are you looking for in selecting a couple for your embryos?

Wow, I feel like we have bombarded you with questions. I hope you don't mind. Also, if you have any more for us, feel free to ask.

Wow indeed. Lots of intense questions here, considerately phrased and all very appropriate. I could see they were taking seriously my concerns about their not being Jewish.

I had thought of several final questions which were really crucial to my decision-making process. If Jenny and Erin's answers to these last few questions were correct I'd be ready to see if we could work out the issues blocking a donation. I would wait to get those answers before tackling most of these personal questions.