Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why I Picked Them

If you've been reading about my search for recipients you know that initially we picked the first lesbian couple to contact us. We had a lot of concerns about them but they met our basic criteria.

Our worries intensified after we spoke to them on the phone. The younger partner sounded sweet but the older one came across as a bit odd. From our first call she "coyly" tried to get us to reveal personal info like our address and last name. A knowable donor does not necessarily want to reveal that info, especially before a contract is signed.

Worse, she reneged on contract issues we had already agreed on. She was starting to seem like someone who could not be trusted to uphold her end of an open donation contract.

The more we dealt with these recipients, the more uncomfortable we felt. But over-riding our discomfort was the email they had sent describing their daughter's feelings about Judaism.

These women had issues but they were creating a Jewish home. With so many of my relatives murdered during World War, knowing children from these embryos would embrace the culture of their bloodline meant a lot to me. But these women were starting to sound pretty awful. What to do?

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