Tuesday, January 9, 2007


If you want to see an Orthodox Jewish perspective on infertility treatment you might want to check out the group ATIME at http://www.atime.org. I have no affiliation with this group. I have seen their magazine but I am unable to get much out of it because I was raised as a secular Jew.

Because of my lack of religious upbringing I am not able to analyze the politics or agenda of ATIME. I assume they are affiliated with the most fundamentalist of Jewish denominations, the Orthodox. But really, I have no idea.

There are some aspects of the Orthodox approach to fertility treatment that I think are flat-out wrong. Part of the reason is IVF did not exist when my people wrote the Bible, so trying to decipher God's will about it is a lot like speculating as to what type of car Moses would have driven.

But ATIME is giving it the ole college try. They publish a magazine, run an informative website and sponsor support groups. If you're reading this blog you already have some interest in infertility from a Jewish perspective. Click the comment link below to share any info you have on this or other Jewish infertility resources.

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