Sunday, March 25, 2007


After a harrowing two days the fertility medication arrived. Erin's frozen embryo transfer was on after all. Jenny and Erin made arrangements to travel to the clinic. We had suggested they fly in to a smaller airport closer to the clinic than the more well-known major airport. We had also given them our hotel recommendations near the clinic. We knew the area well from the many trips we made to the same clinic to conceive our own children.

Jenny and Erin also took us up on our invitation to meet them. They decided to fly here the weekend before the transfer so they would have a free day to visit us. We gave them detailed instructions so they could get here via car or commuter train, as they preferred.

It seemed like a good idea for Jenny and Erin to meet our children before going ahead with the embryo transfer. If they found the kids to be horrid little monsters it was best that they did so before becoming pregnant with their genetic sibling.

We would meet our embryo recipients in less than one week.

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