Monday, June 4, 2007


A few days after Jenny and Erin's fertility doctor transferred one of my spare frozen embryos into Erin's womb they tried an early home pregnancy test. It was too early for a valid test but they thought they'd give it a try. It was possible they they might have a hint if the embryo had attached.

As expected, the test was negative. That was to be expected. Jenny and Erin thoughtfully let us know that they had tested. It is hard to wait the two weeks to find out if the IVF procedure was successful. Doctors ask their patients to wait the full two weeks before testing at the doctor's office to avoid false negatives which can be disappointing.

There was still a week and a half to go before the final test by the doctor. Jenny and Erin decided not to stress out. Another test might have a better result. There was always tomorrow.

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